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Product packaging

When it comes to importing home contents and finished products from China or any type of import from China it is very important to put
Emphasis on standard and proper packaging for each type of product.
This will prevent damage to the products when they are transported to Israel.
Every project will come from China that we carry out insured by us while transporting but for
That the insurance will cover damages which may be caused during the transport the products are bound
Pack in a standard and proper manner and thus ensure the arrival of the goods in their entirety.
Importing from China is a complex procedure and requires connections to a company with knowledge and experience in everything related
In order to ensure successful imports and without glitches and delays.
We at Quality Import 26 place emphasis on each and every step in order to carry out every project on the best side.
quality import26 The safest and most affordable way for you.

אריזה תקנית , ביצוע בקרת איכות , המכלה מקצועית, יבוא מסין , יבוא מטורקיה , יבוא מסחרי , ניהול מערך היבוא , שירותי יבוא , עמילות מכס, שילוח בינלאומי , איתור ספקים אמינים , איתור ספקים בסין, איתור ספקים בטורקיה

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