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We at Quality Import 26 and together with our Chinese parent company sinotekk specialize in personal and commercial procurement and imports from China.
Combined with an Israeli and Chinese team, we have created a solution for a wide range of customers, accompanied by extensive experience, professionalism, confidence and service on the best side.
At the same time we provide a variety of services to ensure a worthwhile and affordable deal for any customer who wants to import products from China.
Our services start from the first meeting until the end of the import process, we provide consulting and project planning, product locating, purchasing process planning in China, close accompaniment in China, quality control,
The container is proper and standard, procurement and consolidation of cargo, dealing with the approving parties, release from customs, transport to the customer's home and if the customer needs an installer for each type of product.
All this is accompanied by reliability, professionalism, experience and personal attitude that will ensure every deal for a successful deal for any type of project.
We have a Chinese and Israeli team who know how to tailor the service exactly to the specific needs of each customer and meet the requirements of each type of product, our team
Will be happy to meet any challenge and provide an answer to every requirement.
Over the years we have accumulated a pool of suppliers / manufacturers with whom we maintain close and continuous contact, we work exclusively with reliable and experienced manufacturers / suppliers who will provide our customers with the best service
Along with full responsibility towards every transaction and thus we create satisfied and satisfied customers.

We will be happy to give you an answer and service on the best side.

Are you interested in manufacturing in China, import from China, personal import from China, commercial import from China, import of household contents from China or are in the process of importing and need help and an answer? Contact us and we will be happy to provide service
Quality-import26 The safest and most affordable way for you.

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