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Imports of finished products to the business sector

Commercial imports of finishing products and household contents:
We provide import services to developers and contractors such as:
Locating the products in the factories of the best manufacturers
Procurement and subcontracting for developers and construction companies
Shipping and importing to Israel for the business sector
Commercial imports of finished products and home contents appeal to the business sector, for contractors, developers, construction companies, purchasing groups, extended construction groups, etc.… It is known that most of the finished products and home contents sold in Israel come from China.
The purpose of the company's activity is to enable its customers to save costs and maximize economic potential, without compromising on quality and standards.
The reasons for this:
Due to the abundance of raw materials in China and in addition to cheap and dedicated labor, it is possible to import products of high quality and incredibly cheap prices from China.
China has a huge selection of manufacturers each in its field that allow access to any product that the customer requires and thus you can import a variety of products in one order directly from the best manufacturers and thus save on project cost.
The transportation and logistics in China are among the most advanced in the world, and operate on fixed and well-known routes to Israel, thus enabling timeliness. It is worth noting the importance of manufacturer selection, quality control, and a professional consumer team that will ensure that the products you order are not damaged during transportation.
In addition, it is very important that the company that will provide you with these services be represented in China with an experienced Chinese office and team that specializes in this field of importing finished products and home contents and thus will provide you with the best service along with security all the way.
In our company you can get preliminary advice, accompanied by a quote according to the exact plans of the architect / interior designer of the developer, contractor.
The commercial import process is suitable for any business that deals with construction and is required for the finished products.
Imports of finished products from China are suitable for those who want to reduce construction costs but maintain the quality level of the products he has set for himself and on the other hand can upgrade at the same budget and purchase higher level products that are preferred by tenants who live in the construction project.

What customers gain in this process:

1. Savings of up to 50% of the cost of purchasing the products compared to the local market in Israel.
2. The production quality of finished products and furniture in China includes different levels at different prices. Our company directs and advises customers to purchase only the highest quality products, and they are also tens of percent cheaper than the price of similar products in the country.
3. Supply and purchase of high-class products that are not imported and are not sold by importers in the country.
Our company offers developers preliminary planning and architectural accompaniment or joint execution with home architects, which include careful preparation of the choice of products. The planning includes clarifying needs (size of the building, design style, type of company or tenants to be sent in the building), preparation of individual and accurate bills of quantities, formulation of a design concept and preliminary review of catalogs, budgeting, planning schedules for importing items to Israel according to construction progress and more.
Our company insures the products in shipment, performs strict quality controls before sending them to Israel, gives a guarantee for products that have arrived in their entirety according to customer requirements and orders.

We will be happy to give you service on the best side.



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