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We provide import services from China and one of the steps in this whole process, is the escort in China. We accompany our customers in China of course after we have made several meetings with the customer, we build the purchase plan together with our Chinese team and thus we build a customized purchase plan towards each customer, and each product according to customers' requirement. In China you can purchase all the details for home design, including furniture, appliances, sinks, bedrooms, closets, sideboards, dining areas, curtains and the like.
However, China is a huge country in size and is known to have high quality products alongside poor quality items.
To choose quality furniture and various items for high-quality home design, it is recommended to contact a professional company that specializes in importing home azure from China.
The company has representatives and offices in China and it provides a comprehensive service package that includes, among other things, storage and transportation solutions.
It is important to remember that when purchasing the various items in China one should also take care of quality control before shipment and one should take care of sea shipping, a task that should be left to skilled professionals.
To save on shipping costs it is customary to concentrate all the packages coming from various factories and resellers across China and carry out the container, i.e. to ship in a centralized manner all the items ordered in China in one day delivery.
A professional company that offers furniture import services from China has logistics warehouses to which all packages and products from various factories are drained.
In accordance with the customer's requirement and precise time planning, the company takes care of sea transportation, its role is also to be responsible for the shipments within China in order to make sure that the items arrive safely at the customer's home in the country.
Maritime transport requires rich knowledge and experience in the field, especially when interested in importing the contents of the house from a distant and complex country like China.
A professional company has experienced customs brokers and a local staff in the company's offices in China who efficiently and professionally manages the issue of shipping and transportation.
It is important to emphasize that the issue of transportation is critical for the end customer as he must plan in advance the arrival times of the various items, some of which are required already in the completion stages of construction and home design, for example bath, shower,
Sinks, cabinets, kitchen, cladding tiles made of natural stone, marble and ceramics, parquet, flooring and so on.
Any delay in the arrival times of the shipments causes a chain reaction that may cause delays in completing the construction work and delaying entry to the house.
Therefore, importing home contents in China is not only a selection of quality items and quality control in the factories to make sure quantities and quality according to the order, but also proper timing of the sea freight.


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