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The importance of incorporating an interior designer

The importance of including an interior designer / architect in the construction project is an important component in any project.
The reason for this lies in a number of aspects.
Proper planning of the construction project, innovative and modern design, thinking about the small details, guidance and meeting the client's budget, avoiding unnecessary and unexpected expenses.
There are people who see the integration of an interior designer / architect as a waste of money and do not understand the importance of their integration in the project.
Thus being prone to errors and poor planning which will eventually result in deviation from their budget and additional expenses.

Interior design, accompaniment and purchase from China is done in several stages:
Familiarity with the customer and learning the needs and requirements
2. Preparing programs to choose the style
3. Preparation of the list of products that will be purchased and placed in the appropriate places in the patient's space - according to dimensions, quantities of architectural design.
4. Prepare all the required specifications and transfer them to a company in China that will start preparing to take care of the upcoming trip
5. Preparing the customer for the trip
6. Accompanying the customer in stores and factories in China
7. Help with the final decision to close the products order
The designer helps to build the right concept for the house based on familiarity with the customers, everything will be chosen in harmony with all the materials, colors and products.
The designer will submit a three-dimensional imaging program so that you do not have to imagine and you will already see on paper the dream that is coming true.
The designer accompanies the customers and helps to select products through catalogs as well as a tour of the stores in the country as a preliminary preparation for the products we will focus on and select in stores in China.
We will then prepare the product list and estimate the costs compared to prices in the country compared to the prices in China. The designer will be able to accompany the trip and help with the purchase of all the products in China.
The designer will accompany you even if the products arrive in Israel and will help with the arrangement, assembly and design of the house with guidance and accompaniment of the teams of professionals in the field and full supervision of the finishing process of the house.


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