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Container loading

The standard and proper cancellation can only be done by an experienced and professional team.
That it is an import of the same product that is packaged in the same way, the story cardboard is simpler for the consuming staff,
But when it comes to importing various items such as: importing home contents and finishing products. Each product comes in different sizes, different shapes and different weights
And here it is very important to have an experienced team that will perform the loading in a standard and proper manner.
We make sure that the container is balanced in terms of weights, that one side will not be heavier than the other or that a heavy product will not be loaded on a light product.
It is known that the import of household contents and finished products from China is done by transport on a cargo ship and the container goes through upheavals until it reaches its destination, so we place emphasis
The container must be proper and standard so that the products sit safely until they reach the satisfied customer.


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