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Personal import of household contents from China and finished products

Importing home contents from China has become popular among many Israelis who are building their home and want to upgrade and design their home uniquely and even save a lot of money.
We at Quality-import26 specialize in this field and accompany our customers throughout the import process with professionalism, reliability, and personal attention.
We examine each project before starting it in order to check that it will indeed be profitable to import from China for the customer's requirements and if after examining all the data and customer requirements
And we have come to the conclusion that this transaction will be worthwhile and profitable for the customer. We are starting a process that will include: building a purchase route that will be tailored to the customer's requirements, close accompaniment in China,
Preparation of accurate cost calculation, quality control, packaging of products in a standard manner, proper and standard packaging, transportation of goods, release from customs and transportation to the pre-specified destination.
Each of our clients receives personal attention and close accompaniment along the way, which will meet all the client's requirements.
Preparing an accurate work plan before the trip is a necessary condition for the success of the purchase. We will guide you on how to carry out orderly preparatory work for the purchase in a professional and orderly manner.
The recipe for success:
Preparation of a detailed and orderly bill of quantities for each element,
Location of each item in the house,
Dimensions of the intended equipment, the more accurate we are, the more we will produce in Kenya.
Readiness for a process that will require customer cooperation,
Preferred style, budget.
In conclusion: accurate planning before the shopping load can reduce the purchase costs up to 50% of the purchase costs in the country and even more and allows you to design the house of your dreams as you have always dreamed.
And of course not to forget the one-time experience for a fascinating and infinitely cheaper trip than shopping in the country.
Quality-import26 The safest and most affordable way for you.
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Questions and Answers

What are the advantages of buying in China compared to buying in Israel?
The significant advantage is saving money and saving time throughout the construction project.
But in addition to that, you can upgrade the level of design and quality of the products to levels that are several times higher than what you would buy in the country with the same budget.
Advantages of purchasing in China are: selection of reliable manufacturers, product quality control, huge variety of products, close accompaniment of the planning and purchasing process, minimum bureaucracy,
Money saving and a perfect shopping experience.

When are you supposed to go on a trip?
When you receive the building permits and during the construction of the skeleton, it is advisable to travel and start selecting and ordering the products.

Before flying to China:
Very important: Going on a concept tour around the stores in the country to receive and learn about the prices, the type of products, the materials they are made of, a visit to the stores in the country will allow you to formulate and prepare the design style and character of the house already in the country.
You do not have to lock on to one specific thing, but it is important that you have directions of materials and colors that you would aspire to even if you were purchasing in the country.
Of course after a list of products has already been compiled for the project and after our team has prepared you in a professional manner

What can be purchased in China?
Everything! From the first stage of flooring, cladding, sanitary ware, exterior and interior cornices, lighting on any issue and furniture that includes garden furniture, living rooms bedrooms, kitchens and custom carpentry products, doors, windows, design products, Jacuzzi, armchairs, garden sports products, Garden games for children, etc.
It is advisable to take your own personal consultant, architect or interior designer who will help you choose from the huge amount of products offered for sale, or prepare homework with the interior designer and exact lists of style and color for each and every compound in your home.
It is most important to prepare dimensions and quantities, of course in our personal consultation and jointly with the architect.
During your stay in China: there are different levels of qualities, so we will start the tour and show you all the shops and factories at different levels and at different prices, so we can quickly and of course with the help of Chinese staff who have been working with the above suppliers and know exactly how to guide and demand from suppliers Of customers from Israel.
The purchase in China will be smart and calculated to be made in two or more stages according to your decision,
The first stage will be a container that will include all the construction and finishing products of the construction and closing of the space of your home.
The second stage will come out of a container that will include the rest of the furniture and finishing products after closing the house.
Custom-made orders will be provided by submitting drawings for your inspection and final approval before the product is manufactured.




How do you make sure that the order has been executed according to the requirements you requested?
This is actually the question of the questions, here mainly the differences between the different professionals in the field of imports from China are reflected.
It is very important to take a company that will accompany you all the way together with the Chinese representative who will carry out the whole order process, production control, quality control, so that the final product will be of the highest quality, after inspection our Chinese company team will perform the packaging and marking of products according to customer order , In sizes, in colors, in quantity!
Two quality and inspection controls are performed, one at the stage of completion of production at the supplier and the other at the stage of our warehouses before loading the contents into the container.
It should also be emphasized that after quality control, photos and videos of each product will be sent to you in order for you to confirm that it does indeed meet your requirements.
If returning to the country, go through the entire order and there are a number of items that will require you to give final measurements again, it may happen that we saw a particular product that you want to purchase but you do not have the final measurement of the item's location.
The production and delivery process to Israel takes about a month and a half to months from the final approval of the entire order of the first container

How do I know it will pay off for me to purchase from China and not fly back?
Before the stage of choosing a flight date to China we will make a number of meetings in order to formulate an orderly and coordinated purchase process along with the customer's requirements,
Of course, after we have an orderly bill of quantities, we perform a cost calculation to meet the customer's budget and thus each customer before we even close.
Flight date knows what his costs will be and what extras he can use towards upgrading the house.

Can the religious public make such a trip for personal import from China?
Our company also specializes in accompanying and helping with solutions for the religious public. Accompanied, we can provide you with kosher food provided by Chabad members in China.
Of course we will take care of you for accommodation in hotels or private homes with a personal kitchen that you can cook yourself. During Shabbat, we will provide accommodation close to the Jewish area, which is the responsibility and management of the excellent Chabad staff.
During Shabbat, prayers and meetings are held with the religious way of life and with the Jewish community and its institutions at the Chabad House.

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