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Outsourcing to businesses and companies

Our company provides outsourced import services to companies and businesses. It is now known that the State of Israel is dependent on foreign products and therefore every factory, business, company, construction developer or various entities purchases products / raw materials that are manufactured in different countries around the world and imported into Israel. Today the market requires all business owners, companies and entrepreneurs to import the products themselves for the needs of the business, their project. We as an import company which provides import solutions and various services related to foreign trade, provide service to many customers in various fields. We accompany and advise throughout the import process from the concept stage to check the feasibility of the project and thus we accompany the project safely all the way. Our team is experienced and knows how to meet any challenge, even in different and difficult times like in the Corona period which challenged our team, we were able to succeed. We will be happy to be at your service and handle any project with professionalism and great success. "Quality Import 26" with you. All the way

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